24. May 2017

The WoGen Quartiershaus at Hauptbahnhof

Who says living and working don’t go together? The concept of sharing is changing in our society. The project “Wogen Quartiershaus” presents a new, innovative way of living, with community, creativity and individuality at its core. The flexible housing complexes and workspaces are ideal for small-scale producers, artists or personal creative endeavours. You can read more about this here:

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About us

…that’s Peter Bauer, Peter Resch and Martin Schoderböck with a motivated team of structural engineers, constructors as well as object inspectors.
Together with architects and planners, Werkraum Engineers create a solid base for the implementation of buildings of all sizes – whether it’s a simple utility construction, a multi-storey apartment building, an office space, a skyscraper, a school, a cultural monument or an extravagantly designed work of art.

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