Technical Museum Vienna – Entrance Hall

  • Location

    Vienna, Austria

  • Architect

    querkraft Architekten

  • Client

    Technisches Museum Wien

  • Typologies

    • Building redevelopment
    • Public buildings
  • Competition


  • Planning


  • Execution


  • Scopes

    • LPH1 Basic analysis construction planning
    • LPH2 Preliminary draft
    • LPH3 Preliminary structural draft
    • LPH4 Submission planning
    • LPH5 Execution planning
    • LPH6 Collaboration in tender procedures
    • LPH7 Support of the construction work
    • LPH8 Collaboration in the local construction supervison
  • Materials

    • Glass
    • Steel & metal
    • Textil & synthetic

In order to create a welcoming and visitor-friendly atmosphere as well as a better sense of orientation in the Technical Museum Vienna’s entrance hall, and with the objective of getting rid of some deficits left over from the 1990s concerning temperature changes, inconvenient acoustics and air circulation, architects built multifunctional sculptures –  “sitting trees” – which provide shade, artificial lighting and acoustic damping as well as a place for visitors to rest their legs.
The constructional focus of the project included the clearing of interfaces between the existing support structures and the new elements, as well as the pre-measurement of the “sitting trees”.