House by the lake

  • Location

    Münchendorf, Austria

  • Architect

    Eichinger Architekten

  • Client


  • Typology

    • Office and residential
  • Award

    • 2003 Wood construction prize of Lower Austria
  • Planning


  • Execution

    2003 - 2004

  • Scopes

    • LPH1 Basic analysis construction planning
    • LPH2 Preliminary draft
    • LPH3 Preliminary structural draft
    • LPH4 Submission planning
    • LPH5 Execution planning
    • LPH6 Collaboration in tender procedures
    • LPH7 Support of the construction work
    • LPH8 Collaboration in the local construction supervison
  • Materials

    • Concrete
    • Wood

The ensemble consists of a housing unit (one at all sides cantilever, set on three slices of reinforced concrete tube with external insulation and aluminum curtain wall) and a separate guest house in the form of a red wooden cylinder (detailed design of Johannes Kaufmann). The deck and free spaces equipped for all seasonal contingencies, and spatial bottlenecks are inside the spacious hideaway certainly not the issue: on the ground floor of the residential tract bed- and bathrooms were artfully connected to the outer space, upstairs flowing living, kitchen and dining area loosely together. West sided, where there is a large work area on an inserted Garagenbox, goes the “tube” with a slight bend upward on light capture. The glazed on two sides open fireplace sparks at the boundary between inside and outside of the norms of vision.

The static principle follows the structural behavior of a tube. As material (decorative) concrete was selected. Thus, the ceiling thicknesses of the upper floor can be maintained at almost 10 m span with 25cm and simultaneously the generously glazed ground floor needs hardly points of support.