Festival center “Styrian Autumn 2010”

  • Location

    Graz, Austria

  • Architect

    Feld72 Architects

  • Client

    Steirischer Herbst Festival GmbH

  • Typologies

    • Arts
    • Special construction
  • Competition


  • Planning


  • Execution


  • Material

    • Wood

The festival center for the “Styrian Autumn 2010” was built as a temporary installation in the sense of an additive annex to the Graz Forum Stadtpark.

The plant comprised an approximately 4.5 m high stand with a projected green area of approximately 15.0 mx 7.2 m, a two-span bridge connection from the stands to the terrace of the Graz Forum city park with a total length of approximately 12.0 m and a container-like installation on the front of the building.

Furthermore, minor alterations were made to the existing building.

As construction materials mainly reusable elements were provided due to the temporary nature, wherein the central element standardized Euro pallets were used.

Wooden beams and tie rods allow a load transfer of the sized pallets.

The foundation was carried out by ground anchors.