The WoGen Quartiershaus at Hauptbahnhof

Nowadays, material property is losing value and our society seems to be attaching more importance to communal sharing. Together with Die WoGen, transparadiso, feld72 and raum & kommunikation, we want to create a place of community and togetherness, where communication and development are given the proper space they require.

In the urban expansion area Wien Hauptbahnhof, building sites C.14.B and C.14.C, a five-storey building complex is to be erected, consisting of two structures (“+haus” and “Genossenschaftshaus”), which will be connected on the ground level floor via a workshop/business park. There, you may find workshops such as the “Fab Lab”, also known as the Happylab. Office spaces are set to be on the ground floor as well as the first floor; the upper storeys will be residential floors. These are designed to be especially flexible, in order to fit various living conditions.

The complexes are to be built using the reinforced-concrete method. The load-bearing walls will be resolved into the two base levels for the most part, in order to achieve high compressive strength and flexibility.

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Die WoGen
raum & kommunikation

Picture: © Janusch