New aviary at Schönbrunn Zoo

The aviary is generously designed with a floor area of 140 square metres and a height of up to seven metres and offers the bright green parrots, about 15 centimetres in size, plenty of space to fly.

The open kiosk also offers a weatherproof version of the roofed open space with a folding glass wall. A fragile-looking concrete ceiling serves as a room closure for the kiosk and at the same time, with a wide cantilever, as a roof for the terrace.

The roof posed a challenge in terms of structural design: the flat-looking slab has a gradient on the top in all directions. Grasshopper, a plug-in of the Rhino modeling program, was used to determine the maximum cantilever of the slab and the optimal distribution of the reinforcement.

Photos: werkaum ingenieure