Lueger Temporarily in Vienna

The monument erected in 1926 at Vienna’s Stubentor for Karl Lueger, mayor of the city of Vienna from 1897 to 1910, is currently the subject of intense debate.

The artist Nicole Six and the artist Paul Petritsch extend the current discussion around with an intervention from Dr.-Karl-Lueger Platz to the entire city. They measure the honorary monuments and memorials of Vienna associated with Lueger and assemble 16 of these artifacts in the form of their outlines in original size at Lueger Square. They will now stand there collected for a year – as a temporary archive publicly in space – accessible to all and thus expand the current discourse around the personality Karl Lueger.

Visit ‘Lueger Temporarily’, experience and actively participate in the discourse:

Until September 30, 2023 at the Dr.-Karl-Luegerplatz near the Stubentor.

More info: KÖR – Lueger Temporary

Artists: Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch
Structural planning and design support: werkraum ingenieure
Photos: Iris Ranzinger/KÖR GmbH, 2022
Photos model: Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch, 2022