European Steel Design Award of Excellence 2017

The European Steel Design Awards are given by ECCS every two years to encourage creative and
outstanding use of steel in architecture and construction in Europe.

The awards are dedicated to the owner, the general contractor, the architects, the engineers and the steelwork contractors of each project in order to esteem the excellence of their work.

The following prizes are awarded:

  • ECCS Steel Design Award of Merit
  • ECCS Steel Design Award of Excellence
  • Popular Award
  • Special Award

We are proud to announce that the project “Robert College Murat, Karamanci Student Center” has won the European Steel Design Award of Excellence 2017!

The jury’s statement: “The jury decided to award the general sustainability of the project, not for its structural complexity, but rather for its intelligent redesign and reuse of an existing structure. Mindful of legislative impositions, and the physical constraints on the site, it imaginatively reinterprets and creates an open, new social space. By reinforcing, substituting, and inserting new structural steel elements, such as the mezzanine floor, the internal space is completely remodeled. The structure functions as a didactic instrument, by simplifying and reducing the internal programme. The new translucent facade produces a striking aesthetic by day or night, resulting in a new quality and connection between the natural and the interior space. The triangulated shape also stabilizes the portal frame steel structure, yet maintaining a very lightweight impression. The load bearing steel structure is completely visible, and therefore easily understood and appreciated.”

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