Construction progress School Campus in Ellbögen – Tyrol

The future School Campus in Ellbögen will be constructed in reinforced concrete and will be arranged with an elongated structure in an east-west orientation at the end of the village square and with a structure partially set back in the hillside in a north-south orientation.

The one-storey area organises the square and at the same time integrates the surrounding landscape of meadows. The gymnasium stretches into the aerial space on the ground floor, allowing a transparent view through the building.

The new Ellbögen Education Campus will contain a crèche with 2 groups, a kindergarten with 4 groups, a primary school with 4 classes, a gymnasium and an underground parking garage.


Building site School Campus Ellbögen in summer 2022

Building site School Campus Ellbögen in October 2022

School Campus Ellbögen shell in March 2022