Completion of the new Naifjoch gondola lift

The old lift system from the top station of the Ifinger cable car in the east of Merano was replaced by a modern gondola lift.

A new middle station now opens up an attractive viewpoint of the landscape in the valley at the break-off edge of the Naifjoch in the direction of Meran.

The station only slightly alters the natural topography of the terrain here. It was cut into the mountain for this purpose and the cutting into the hillside is structured by stairways. A viewing terrace connects the roof area with the foot of the small hilltop.

In the area of the new station, there is also the geological and geomorphological peculiarity of a rock change from grey-white igneous rock to red Grödner sandstone.

The red colouring of the concrete used was achieved through a porphyry aggregate – which is also responsible for the red colouring of the Val Gardena sandstone.

Station cladding and railings are made of Corten steel.


Photos: Massimo Calderara