BIG SEE Architecture Award 2021

The recently completed parking garage on the former site of the Fritze-Lacke factory in Vienna-Hetzendorf houses parking spaces with optimal and consistent conditions for valuable classic cars.

The “Classic Depot Vienna” combines the following functions on 5.250m2:

An underground parking level for 50 vehicles, on the ground floor a repair garage, delivery with turntable and car elevator, vehicle preparation and tinsmith/paint shop. The parking areas for the vehicles are located on the upper floors 1 and 2.

The parking areas are supplemented by a 3-sided glazed meeting or seminar room with a view of the vehicles.

The supporting structure is a reinforced concrete skeleton construction. Since the 3rd upper floor steps inwards due to the building regulations, this was executed in lightweight construction (cross laminated timber ceilings, steel columns / wooden columns, steel beams / wooden beams) in order to keep the load on the ceiling above the 2nd floor low.

We are very happy about this award and thank the architectural offices Matthäus Wagner and Sebastian Illichmann for the great cooperation.

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Photos: Kurt Kuball